Why are we here

My name is Joanna and I am a brand strategist. Based on a long workshop, good research, defining goal and marketing action plan, I create a visual language for your brand. I specialize in illustration and always make a custom set to strengthen the brand and to make it more unique. My husband Gergő works with copywriting, unique selling points and writing the brand story. He is also great with numbers so he can tell us more about finance.


We started our own family business so we can be our own bosses while creating something valuable for ourselves, and for our clients. Yes, we still work hard. But not at the expense of what truly matters. Family.


Knowing that family life and needs are different we tailored advertising services for people who are short on time, don’t sleep much and try to balance family and work life. Just like us.


Little crazy, little weird but this is Makako.


Work-life integration

In Makako we want to be the first one to prove that it is possible to love your job and to have a happy family life at the same time.


We want to start a new lifestyle, where waking up on Monday morning will be motivating and inspiring. Where a happy family is a priority but ambitions and other needs are also satisfied.


Opening a family business is our best way to integrate the two worlds together.



Life – we started with ourselves

We listened to what our children were telling us long before they ever learned how to talk. We didn’t want to be with them just when they were babies. We wanted to play a big role in our kid’s life for longer. We needed more time for kids and for each other.



Work – the freedom

Money does not necessarily equal happiness but it can help you have an easier life. So you need to work, most of the time very hard.


But if you put so much time and hard work into something, you should come out with more than just a paycheck. You should get ownership. You should get control of your goals, your time and your future. You should get the freedom.  

Our values


Excitement over comfort


Everyone wants to be rich but nobody wants to work, learn new things or take risks. This is not going to work in Makako. We are a passionate family, willing to take an extra mile to create a better future for our kids.


No judgment


Every family is different. It is your decision to decide if you want to work or spend time raising your kids. There are no winners here. Makako proposes the idea to do both.


Be happy


No matter what you decide, the main goal is to create a more fulfilling, healthy and happy life.


Money is not everything


In Makako we make money but it is not our priority. We all try to feed our families and have a comfortable life. We never do it at the expense of family.




We support both men and women in their professional career or child care.

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