Why are we here

My name is Joanna and together with my husband Gergő, we help parents and educators to grow, by creative thinking, to raise happy children.


We tell stories through branding as it is a start for all businesses.


We believe that the world needs a better education that is available for everyone. Our current system is outdated and doesn’t focus enough on the individual.


Parents, starting their own business model a great example of leadership.


Educational content creators speak directly to youth.


The teachers are often one of the most important mentors in a child’s life.


We will try to disrupt the current educational system by working with brands that have the biggest impact on children.


Little crazy, little weird but this is Makako.

Our values


Excitement over comfort


We are a passionate family, willing to take an extra mile to create a better future for our kids. Comfort doesn’t give happiness. Excitement does.


Education for everyone


We believe that good private schools should not be available only for wealthy people and we will do our best to give away all we know. We won’t expect anything in return.


Balanced family life


We will slow down and find the quality time for all the family members.


Design for good


Disrupt education and make it a better place for our children.

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