Do I Need CMS like WordPress for My Website

(Last Updated On: 10/08/2018)

Do I Need CMS like WordPress for My Website?

A Content Management System, also known as CMS, is a program that most modern websites select and incorporate. CMS supports management, creation, distribution, and publishing of material on sites. A CMS simplifies publishing of content as it does not require additional programming.


What does CMS do?

CMSs like WordPress have several built-in functions such as:

Drag and drop cap management

Media managers to manage images, videos, and other media

Administrative dashboards for easy access to website content

Website settings such as URL and title names

These functions are designed to make content addition, editing, and removal easy.


Should I use CMS for my website?

Many individuals, companies, and businesses benefit a lot form using CMS. If you desire a management system for the documents on your website, then CMS is appropriate for you.


How do I benefit from using CMS?

Ease of use

CMS is easy to use even for the non-technical minded people. The primary functions of WordPress such as writing, publishing content, and adding media, for example, are easy to use. If you have basic knowledge of word processing software, you need not training to use CMS.

Multiple users can input the website

If you want multiple users to post on your site, you need CMS. It allows you to manage roles and permissions. Hence, many people such as those who produce blog posts or add product pages can access the website. However, content only goes live when you are ready.

Easy maintenance

Changing information on your site without a CMS requires you to go through hundreds of pages, making changes one at a time. Also, you might need to hire someone to do the work for you which can be quite expensive. With CMS, you can make changes, update, and add software without breaking the site.

Design changes are simple

Content and design are separated when you have CMS. This means that you can make design changes while still keeping the site functional. More to that, you can effect changes to the entire site from the administrative dashboard without affecting the appearance of your site.


What are the disadvantages of CMS?

With CMS, you have to follow a particular style guide, especially when formatting your content. Failing to do so could break your website and cost you to rebuild. Also, other costs such as customization, implementation, or support costs are needed for CMS.

In conclusion, CMS makes it easy for you to run your website. It allows you to customize your site conveniently. Most CMS come with SEO friendly features, and they are user-friendly. If you want a less technical, cost-efficient, and easy to use website, go for CMS.

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