Does a Small Business Need SEO?

(Last Updated On: 10/08/2018)

For a long time, SEO has played a crucial role for medium and large-sized businesses. Small businesses, however, continue to see it as an unnecessary expense. Your business might be doing reasonably well, and you think to yourself, “Why should I incur extra expenses when I can achieve so much without SEO?” SEO is not only a marketing strategy for businesses. It is an important strategy that every company with an online presence is incorporating. Failing to do so means that you are falling behind your competition. How can SEO help your small business?

Better ranking

SEO helps you rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Usually, search engines favor websites which have been posting high-quality content over time; hence it takes time to rank high. Despite this fact, you have a considerable chance of succeeding in small business SEO once you work to earn a place in the local results as opposed to organic results1. For a small business, appearing top on local results increases the business visibility. It also leads to better conversions because people from your locality will quickly find your business.

SEO helps people find your goods and services

The number of people using search engines to find businesses keeps increasing annually. Most searches are mobile as opposed to desktop searches 2. Robust SEO strategies allow customers to find your business quickly, make purchases, and leave reviews. These reviews to move other customers quickly through the buying process.

High ROI

SEO yields high returns for businesses if done correctly. So why do some business make losses when they try SEO? Aside from keyword usage and backlinking, SEO has other elements such as high quality humanized content. Some businesses do not understand what SEO fully entails and they sign up new companies to do their SEO3. As such, they end up getting burned because these companies do not know how to deliver results. Well-done SEO can bring in endless organic traffic for your small business. This kind of infinite traffic would cost arm and length if you were to pay for it through paid campaigns or on a per click basis.


SEO helps to wade out the competition

Ignoring SEO is detrimental to your small businesses. Many companies using this strategy and this allows them to leg up on businesses that do not have SEO as an online marketing strategy. Proper SEO implementation could help you outrank not only other small businesses but also bigger ones with weak SEO and increase your customer base.

From the discussion, it is evident that small businesses need SEO to outrank competitors, increase conversions, and get high returns. When you get that call from a reputable company that wants to do SEO from your small business, do not ignore it.

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