Can you be a Good Parent while Working?

(Last Updated On: 12/08/2018)

With work-life integration the latest lifestyle movement, there is no reason why you could not be a respected working parent.  Many companies are now entrusting employees to discipline their own work life routines with flexible time to accommodate school times and work from home.  These employer changes are more in sync with modern working parents.

So, could guilt be the factor that gives many of us anxiety on being a working parent? 

For many societies now, working parents are the norm, and social experts are killing the myths and providing tips for happy, balanced working families.

Indeed, research shows that working parents are more productive, and the children turn out fine!  Working mamas resulted in economic, educational and social benefits for children of both sexes.

Here are some of the best:

  • Commit to a realistic schedule – Set your schedule that works for your family routine and commit to it. Manage expectations with your employer and your family support network.
  • Forget the stereotypes – try not to get fixated on what the man or woman should do and who earns more etc. Becoming more emotionally mature and flexible can certainly lead to less guilt and resentment.
  • Feel Reassured – Once your children are in professional and loving care, relax. You are not doing any harm to your kids, and they often have warm memories of child care providers.  Think of all the positive aspects of your child being away from you such as learning to socialize with other children.
  • Cherish – the quality time you share with your children will be so much more meaningful.
  • Be Proud! – Most of all be proud that you are a working parent and be assertive about it. There is no need to hide the fact that you have children and need to take them to the doctor or excursions.

We are all human and can empathise with one another. There is no space for judgement these days as we all have such different dynamics and family needs.

This guilt-free mindset can gradually shift us from the traditional regime and allow us to embrace modern parenthood and meaningful work with respect and commitment.

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