How do I know that my logo is bad?

Bad logo design

Your logo is the most important part of your business. Based on its design you will create all your brand presence. It is the first thing that your clients will see. If you notice in your logo, two of the below points, your logo is bad. The characteristics are based on my personal experience as well as graphic design rules.


It is pixelated

Pixelated Logo
Pixelated logo

If your logo is pixelated then you don’t even need to read further. That is a bad logo. It happens when it is a raster image rather than a vector image. People could think that your company is not very professional. A professional business should look professional.


You only have jpg file

That could be a warning sign for you. Why? Because you will need many variations of your logo. For your website, you will probably need a logo without the background in a PNG format. For print would be best if you had an EPS file.  For more on what sizes you might need please read this article: 4 Essential Things You Should Get from Your Logo Designer.


It has more than 3 colours

Logo should never have more than 2-3 colours. When printed or used in black and white it could lose its shapes and originality. This rule is also important for printing (your business cards could be cheaper). More colours could also make your logo complex and not easy to remember. There are rare occasions where a colorful logo works but it has to be well thought.


It has stock image

This is a big one. Simply, ask yourself a question: do you want your logo to look like your competitors? Do you want a hundred other companies to use the same image? Your logo should be unique and express only your brand values.


It is complicated

Complex logos will not look good on a small scale. We use logos on the web all the time and it is usually in a small size. The fewer details client has to remember, the more chances that your logo will stay in his mind.


It has bad typography

Logo Typography
Good example of logo typography

It is important to have the license for all the text used and to never use more than two types of fonts. It makes the text more legible.


It is not clear

The most important role of the logo is to be a symbol of your brand. Something that everyone will recognise. If the message is not clear it is not doing the right job.


It is not easy to read

It is important that the text is easy to read and remember.

It doesn’t have variations

If the logo does not work in a horizontal and vertical format it will limit the possibilities in the future. It should be also well visible in black and white version and a small scale. A good logo works everywhere in every possible variation.


It is designed based on trends

It is easy to do a quick logo based on the design trends. Some time ago it was shadow then long shadows. But for how long it will be in fashion? The mark should be simple, original and memorable. This is all it needs!

If you would like to read more about bad logo design, I recommend the below articles:

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What do you think, is your logo good or bad?

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