How to Add Google Analytics to My Website

(Last Updated On: 10/08/2018)

Google Analytics is a great tool that allows you to measure your advertising ROI. It offers marketing analytics products to enable you to understand your customers better through tracking digital, app, and offline data. Google Analytics works well for all business sizes, so you need not ignore it because your business is small. How can you add Google Analytics to your website for tracking? Here are 6 simple steps.

Visit to sign up for an account if you do not already have one. Create an analytic property for every website you plan on tracking. This will generate a tracking ID which you will use on your gtag.js tracking code snippet. You can create up to 50 properties for each Google Analytics account. To create property:

  • On the top right of the page, click “Access Google Analytics” to log in
  • Once logged in, click on “Admin” at the top
  • A drop cap will appear. Click it and select the account under which you would like to add your new website
  • In the property column, select create new property from the menu
  • Select website
  • Enter the website name
  • Enter the website URL (incorrect URLs will prevent property creation)
  • Select industry category
  • Select reporting time zone (the time zone will be used as day boundary for your report regardless of where you are)
  • Get tracking ID

Find your tracking ID by signing in to your account. To find the ID:

  • Click admin
  • On the account column, click the drop cap and select one account
  • Go to the property column, click the drop cap and select a property from the menu
  • Under property, click tracking info then tracking code. Your tracking ID will be displayed at the top of the page

Copy and paste the tracking code snippet to every webpage you want to track. You should add the code right after the tag <head> on each page of your site.

Verify that the tracking code works by going to the overview page and selecting the account that you have added and clicking on “edit”. On the top right section of the Main Website Property Information, click on “check status”. This will show you if the tracking code is working

Wait for 24 hours for Google to begin tracking your website.

After the process is successful, select the metrics that you want Google to analyze for you. Google Analytics can provide an overwhelming amount of information hence you need to select to get only what will be useful to you.

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