How to Keep My Brand Consistent?

Consistency makes your brand memorable and unique. Consistency builds trust.


Brand consistency is very important to build a reliable product and for your clients to trust you. It is not always easy but it is a great investment.

After working on a logo design, clients often ask me: Now what? How do I keep my brand consistent? How can I manage it on my own? Here are few tips.


Have a strategy

Simply, make sure that everyone that works with you knows what are you doing and why are you doing it. Establish a clear vision, goals and unique selling point of your product/service.

Simply, make sure that everyone that works with you knows what is your logo and how to use it. Make sure that for every project you use the right logo file. For example, when you need to print something, make sure that you are using the Vector file. Like these, you will ensure that the most important symbol of your brand stays consistent and memorable.


Logo guidelines

In order to understand well how to use your brand well, you should have your logo guidelines which will state clearly when and how to use it. It will be very helpful when handing the work to the external consultants like a developer. It will also save your time to explain to everyone why and how they should communicate about your brand. Logo guidelines should also include all colour codes and types of fonts that you should use. It will be easier for you to just copy it to all the Power Point presentations and other materials.

If you would like to see some more examples check this article: Identity style guides from around the world


Every moment matters

Make sure that you communicate about your brand always in the same way. If your statement is: “Vegetarian food is the key”, don’t serve meat platter on a client meeting. When you hire your employees, make sure that they understand and believe in your statement. Which brings us to the next point…


Believe in it

If you don’t believe and love your own branding then you will never stay consistent across all the channels. You should believe that your message is true and share it with confidence. You should love it to the bits because it will always show in a natural way how great your product is.


Don’t change your logo

Every brand might need to refresh the look of their logo or website. But if it is designed well it will always be just a refreshment rather than changing it all. Let people remember you and the visual aspects of your company and it will last for much longer.



Keeping your brand consistent is very important, in order to be successful. Consistency makes your brand memorable and unique.  Consistency builds trust. Take care of your little baby: stay consistent, invest in logo guidelines, communicate about

Take care of your little baby: stay consistent, invest in logo guidelines, communicate about it in the same way, believe in it, don’t change it too often and it will give you great results!

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