How to Work from Home as a Whole Family

(Last Updated On: 12/08/2018)

The perks of working from home may seem obvious – casual clothes, no commuting, frequent snack breaks…  but how easy is it to work from home with pesky children under your feet?

Of course, you have the pros and cons, but learning how to work from home harmoniously takes discipline and planning, it will have its rewards.

By physically being present at home, you are more part of your children’s routine, not just in the sleepy mornings and witching hours.  Physically being there allows you to be part of your child(rens) daily world.

Let’s start by highlighting some major advantages of working from home:

  1. Naturally, extra time with family by integrating the two realms.
  2. More productive – fewer distractions from colleagues
  3. Cost effective – no transport costs, saving on petrol/parking/tolls

Working from home, with family and small children around could, however, be a distraction which is why discipline and planning are key.

If both parents are working from home, a family schedule is necessary.  For example, my husband and I both work from home and have our areas of responsibility.

My husband takes our daughter to nursery, and I will pick up her.  On some days he works from the office, and other days I will.  We divide our time so there is a balance of both spending our time with our daughter and giving her the opportunity to socialize at nursery part-time.

This works for us but does take constant communication and compromise to make it fruitful.



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