About This Project

Brand Story: The book, Common Sense Economics, is currently in its 3rd printed edition. The authors are interested in the idea of spreading its message of rational economic behavior to a larger audience even without benefiting financially – so we have been given full rights to promote the material (which will exist in an app-based table or computer format) everywhere outside of the USA. The donor feels that this book’s basic points address knowledge that is missing from many countries’ textbooks, and thus felt that translating this material into other languages was a logical goal to pursue. We run a program, funded by the same donor, supporting western-trained academics who are teaching in Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union, so we have a network of people in all of the target countries.


Brand Core: Economic literacy available for everyone Helping people to make informed decisions about their future


Brand Character: BOLD – Dynamic, strong and forward-thinking, INTELLIGENT – Influential and innovative, AUTHENTIC – Simple, recognizable and memorable

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