Graphic Design is much more than drawing, painting and creating. Before you start designing anything you need to answer why are you doing it. Every work has its purpose and goal.  It solves a problem.


Before we do any design, we start working on strategy. The most important part of it is to define one simple and measurable goal. Aesthetics wise it could be a brand that makes the clients feel trust and confidence. Looking at numbers the strategy goal could be to build a bigger audience.


Once the goal is defined, the strategy involves big research into competition, users and the market. It makes it easier to position the brand in a way that brings it apart from others. That gives an advantage in pricing and gaining more engaged buyers or users of the services.


After getting the numbers right, we transfer all our findings into a marketing action plan and implementing it into the design.


We will help you write a compelling story that will be a strong backbone for the business. Based on that we will find a memorable slogan and a unique selling point.


Don’t know what business to start? We can help you with that too and start with business coaching.


Once you are ready to go we will make sure that everything works best with your family needs and supports a good work-life balance.

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