The Importance of Copywriting for Small Family Businesses

Ok, so you’ve just started up a small family business and want to hit the ground running. You’re looking to establish a presence online – create your own website, blog, get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. There’s a lot to consider. But with a tight budget, copywriting is not always high on the list. Well, it should be. Read on to discover why.


First impressions count

No matter how awesome, innovative, cutting-edge and game-changing your product, nothing puts off a potential customer more than scrolling through mangled, badly laid-out content full of spelling errors. We’ve all been there. The headache site that makes you want to lie down.

What’s going to help you enormously is coming up with a great USP (unique selling point). We’re talking about a slogan or snappy sentence that sums up your product/company succinctly and memorably. By emphasising a feature-positive detail that makes your product different you gain that all-important competitive edge. Whatever benefit you accentuate though, make sure it announces your brand on the market boldly and confidently.

So now that we know how important presenting yourself online and creating that all-important first impression is, what’s the number-one thing you can do to keep people’s attention and make your brand stand out from the crowd?


Trust in a wordsmith

The truth is not every business owner is a born writer. That’s why investing in someone who is (or at least a very good one) is a smart choice. Now it doesn’t mean you have to outsource a copywriter straight away. You might want to give writing content yourself. Who knows, you may be a budding Hemmingway! But for all those who are not, getting your message across about who you are, what you do and the products you sell is important. But what’s even more crucial is making sure your content is concise and understandable. So avoid turning off clients with drone/snore corporate-speak and make sure your copy gets to the point simply and clearly. Which is all the more reason you need to employ someone who’s good with words.


Work together to create a unique voice

As a small business you need to concentrate on creating a unique voice that communicates your product in the simplest way. But it’s always a good idea to collaborate with your copywriter. Whether over the phone or by e-mail, bat ideas back and forth. What tone do you want to set? What customer segment are you looking to attract? What important info do you want to include? Be clear about what exactly you want your site to communicate. The main thing is to get your content to reveal your own distinct business personality. Also, be considerate. Don’t just copy and paste (i.e. steal) from other websites. Not only will it be noticeable in terms of the tone you want to set, it’s also a frowned-upon practice that might very well get you into lots of trouble down the line.


Make people smile!

Anything you do to make your customers happy is a good thing. That’s why your content should have some humour. Raising a titter by adding the odd witticism or off-the-wall remark makes your content memorable. Without dumbing down too much, just imagine you’re addressing a very smart 10-year old. (Did that make you smile? No? OK, maybe an inward smile.) But here’s the point. Be as personable and as natural as you can. Forget about a “type of style” and don’t dwell on “what you should be sounding like”. That way you won’t end up sounding just like everyone else.

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