Why kids don't like school?

Why kids don’t like school?

Why kids don’t like school?

Did you like school?

I personally hated school until I was in university. Primary school was all about competing and satisfying our parents or teachers. Nobody really cares, what happens once you score A or what you are good at. 

We used to call it in Polish ZZZ (zakuć zdać zapomnieć) which means to learn, to pass, to forget. I do not remember anything from geography, math or biology. I believe that the whole high school was a waste of time because the material was just repeated from the gymnasium.

While I was a rebellious teenager (like all teenagers) I felt lost and frustrated. There was a lack of mentors and guidance. 

10 reasons why school sucks:

1. It is not for individual

The knowledge shared is very general. It is not built for different types of learners (visual, auditory, reading and kinaesthetic). If a teacher sees that someone is behind, he/she immediately put a label: he is not good in math, she can’t draw.


  • Training teachers on how to make their lessons appeal to all types of learners
  • Teaching empathy at school and talking to students individually about their personal life.
  • Teachers should be paid more to be motivated

Once we are adults, working, we have the chance to talk to coworkers or boss about our personal problems that could influence our work and take off. Why kids shouldn’t have the same option?


2. It doesn’t encourage independence

We are told what we have to do and follow. Who likes to follow the orders? Definitely not kids. Independence builds self-confidence and helps children prepare for future failures and stress. It builds curiosity and a natural drive to learn.


  • There should be more conversations and an agile environment where kids can help build the curriculum.
  • The ministry of education has to allow the curriculum to be adapted more freely.


3. It is outdated

How many changes do you see when you enter a 10-year high school reunion? The last one that I attended was depressing. The classroom looked the same as when I was a student. Cluttered desks and students facing the teacher, with a chalkboard.


  • Use free solutions to improve the classroom environment. For example, move the desks away or let them form a group instead of individual lessons.
  • Remove any religious objects
  • Make the space less cluttered


4. It takes too much time

How long are you able to focus at work until you start browsing social media? 


  • The classes should be shorter
  • Homework should be done in groups or in the form of a play


5. There is no free play

Through play, children learn: exploring, identifying, negotiating, risk-taking and imagining. It teaches kids empathy and builds strong relationships with teachers and parents. Good relations make children feel safe and it impacts their self-esteem.
You can read here more why play is important. 


  • Add games to classes
  • Take kids outside to explore maths beyond the classroom
  • Apply real-life examples in the classroom


6. Teachers are not paid enough so they are not engaged

Not much to say here. I don’t blame teachers for not doing lessons well enough. If you are paid so low, you have no motivation to do the extra mile. The solution is simple, pay teachers more and spend less money on the building renovations. 


7. The curriculum is not interesting

There is a lot of pressure on teachers to cover a standard material for a year despite any external factors.


  • Allow flexibility with curriculum
  • Ask children how they would like to learn
  • Review the current material more frequently


8. There is a lack of self-care and personal development lesson

If kids and teachers both feel unhappy and that nobody cares for them, they won’t be able to satisfy others.


      • Self-care lessons for teachers because healthy teachers make healthy classrooms
      • Bring more mindfulness to the classroom by breathing exercises, glitter jar exercises, using a chime, timers. You can find many amazing ideas here.
      • Ask children about their 5-year plans, engage in discussions about their future
      • Prepare children for failure


9. School is boring

Because it is simply boring. Boredom makes children unable to focus. There are plenty of reasons for that like a lecture that is not interesting, the way the teacher speaks, the material taught or simply troubles at home. When we are bored, we can’t focus and therefore a lot of the time at school has no value.


  • Ask students for opinion
  • The debate about the lesson topic
  • Show students real-life applications
  • Teachers can let parents know what kids are curious about so that they can encourage it at home


10. Kids are not learning

My biggest problem with schools is that we are not actually learning at all. Lexical knowledge is worthless. What truly matters is applied knowledge. Schools take many years and personally, I am scared. I worry that my children will spend years in school while they could explore the world and learn from real-life examples.


  • Instead of grades, children should be asked to solve real-life problems
  • We should teach children to be independent from a young age so that they naturally enjoy the lessons
  • We should teach children mindfulness so that they can take ownership of their lives and think about their future early on
  • Let children decided and pick course more suited for their skills and needs


My heart breaks when I think of my children going to school. I am worried that they will spend plenty of time on subjects that they are not good at and that don’t matter to them. 

It is natural that kids don’t like school because it is not built for an individual, it doesn’t encourage independence and it is outdated. It takes too much time and too little play.

Teachers are not well taken care of and not paid enough. They are forced to teach a large amount of data in a short period of time which makes it stressful and unpleasant. 

The schools is simply boring for everyone, teacher and students. It would benefit more if we had more mindfulness and self-care implemented.

We should build the education together: teachers, parents, and students so that we can rais the future generation of leaders, not the followers. That is what this world needs.

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